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you can insult me however you like but don’t you ever dare call me a gryffindor

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Fili, Kili and Ori - The Battle Of The Five Armies still (Empire Magazine)


Fili, Kili and Ori - The Battle Of The Five Armies still (Empire Magazine)

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Tyler Hoechlin discusses fanfiction.

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Into the Woods Official Trailer 

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Natalie Dormer - Esquire - October 2013

Natalie Dormer - Esquire - October 2013

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Suddenly the world seems such a  p e r f e c t   p l a c e.
              Suddenly it moves with such a perfect g r a c e.

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when i find myself in times of trouble
remus lupin comes to me
speaking words of wisdom

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"He’s on a quest to escape, essentially. In the same way a lot of people are, he’s got like a hope to him, the kind of hope you have when you buy a lottery ticket. He thinks if he can just make that big score then everything’s going to be fine. And he learns over the course of the movie that that’s not where you find satisfaction, or happiness. It comes from giving yourself up to something bigger than yourself." —Chris Pratt, on Peter Quill [x]

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nana, 20, italian
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